Community Health Education

Project of BSWI

Dissemination of knowledge

BSWI prepared village adolescent girls in disseminating health and hygiene messages to the villagers and women. This has been a popular program in the project area.

Gender Equality – the truth in villages

Women and men are no more separate segments in the society in BSWI project areas. They sit together, take part in orientation and meetings, take joint decisions and heartily implement the learning and the decisions taken unanimously.

Are adolescents advancing? Yes! They are…

Adolescents are quite excited to learn new aspects of community health and hygiene. Without stopping at this point they are spreading the hygiene messages to their friends, classmates and their neighbours. The awareness scenario is thus changing….person to person…community to community….villages to villages.

Women are the sufferers – women are the leaders

Most of our societal sufferings are basically attributed to our women. They suffer silently and their agonies are untold; they are passive rather than active members of society; their aspirations are hardly heard. BSWI sows this idea in them and they feel proud learning the core ideas and means of development to change the society! They have trust in SHGs.

Dependent on low cost nutritious food – children can be healthier

BSWI’s project has educated the villagers, especially the mothers, to prepare nutritious food from the available local resources. This is the first of its kind in the project area. Many children are found to be healthy be getting such nutritious food that they are now able to afford.

Learning scientifically – not only gossips

Although most of the women are illiterate, they are interested in seeing and learning. This has been a wonderful method in the project that they would keep in mind and share with the fellow villagers. Need of nutrition, breast feeding, how and why low cost nutritious food to be prepared for ensuring the children’s and mothers’ health are the contents of BSWI’s Community Health Education Project.

Kitchen gardening – keep and be healthy

BSWI educated the villagers to practice kitchen gardening and this has been a very popular activity in the households that nobody did know earlier.