Community Health & Hygiene Education Project

Project of BSWI | Aided by Techmahindra CSR

Training programs for trainers and village mobilizes for 3 day duration

At the end of the training programs the participants acquired reasonable knowledge on menstruation management, health and hygiene and health care aspects. They became aware of using sanitary napkins and disposal of the same in hygienic manners. 11 members participated in the training programs. After the training programs the team has sensitized more than 6240 adolescent girls and adult women during the project period.

Hygienic Education for the adolescent and the youths

The training-meetings helped the participants acquire basic knowledge on the hygiene situation and current menstruation management and related health aspects, They were also aware of sensitizing the adolescent girls and eligible women for using sanitary napkins and disposal of the same in hygienic manners. 12 Orientation Programs have been held in the project villages where 62 youths participated and they reached to more than 7000 families in the project area for sensitizing the adolescent girls and their parents.

Awareness camps in villages

The Awareness Camps have been very useful for the villagers and the target families to have a detailed understanding regarding menstrual health management, personal health and hygiene and use of sanitary napkins for health safety. 4 Awareness Camps have been organized during the project where more than 700 villagers participated and acquired awareness on menstruation management.

Demonstration on uses of sanitary pads

Quality: Promoted vivid knowledge about sexual health, menstrual management and personal health care, uses of the sanitary napkins and how to use these have been demonstrated in the village level camps. More than 3000 women and adolescent girls participated in the village level demonstration camps.

Orientation and Capacity Building of SHG Leaders

SHG leaders have been oriented from the Capacity Building Programs and they have reached the SHG members with accurate information on menstruation management, personal health and hygiene to the parents for the adolescent girls and eligible women members. 10 Capacity Building programs have been organized in the project villages where 93 SHG Leaders participated from the project villages.

Procurement of Low-Cost Sanitary Napkins

Reasonable qualities of sanitary napkins were provided to the adolescent girls and eligible women for experimental basis and habit creation. The result has been significant and the women have been habituated in using the napkins and they are now purchasing sanitary napkins for themselves and for their girls as well. Initially 5000 numbers of Low cost sanitary napkins have been purchased from a local manufacturer. 2000 ultra poor families were provided these napkins.

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