Works of BSWI


The Government of India Niti Ayog (erstwhile Planning Commission) approached us to join hands with them in food distribution and awareness campaigns as per our capacity permitted. The government departments of our project areas in several districts (like Block Development Offices, Social Welfare Officers; Subdivision Relief Depts. and Block Health Authorities) requested us to take part in some welfare programs for the pregnant/caring women and the new born babies that are not covered by the govt. relief programs. Local Panchayats also requested us to serve the poor and needy and the persons not covered under the state schemes.


BSWI has implemented a large project entitled “COVID19 AWARENESS & FOOD RELIEF SUPPORT FOR IMPROVING HUMAN BEHAVIOUR & HEALTH” receiving financial assistance from Volkart Foundation Indian Trust (VFIT), MPLAD Scheme and other local level organizations in the year of 2020 & 2021. We distributed masks, sanitizers and hand washing soaps in these districts and covered more than seventeen thousand poorest families. We also organized fortnightly online campaigns, besides social media campaigns and preparation and distribution of posters and IEC materials that played a poignant part. One sanitizer and one soap bar per family along with five masks were distributed in the selected target households in each of the districts who were unable to buy these things. We realized that food support for the poor and neediest families and for their children were of utmost importance that was most needed during the pandemic. We distributed ration, nutritious food and medicines to the children, pregnant and post natal women, aged and the lonely persons in the areas.