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No problem! This term means getting cash quickly by making fleeting transactions. A Sawmill «costs» materials and five workers to build. Жмите Recent Reviews Rate this game No user reviews exist yet for this game. Social Media.


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Rating: 4. View 25 Player Ratings. Rate this game Edit your rating. Build-A-Lot puts you in control over the real estate in a variety of towns. In Career Mode buy, build, remodel, and sell various styles of houses and free build a lot game for pc buildings at the request of the mayors of eight different towns. Gamers of all ages will understand how to play this real-estate strategy sim. With an interactive and intuitive interface Build-A-Lot practically eliminates the need for the по ссылке tutorial it provides in the town of Meadow Dale.

Before you build anything or make any money you must buy the blueprints to the building and have enough workers and materials for the job. Free build a lot game for pc all come at a price so save and spend wisely. Simply by dragging your cursor over a job will notify you of how many workers free build a lot game for pc materials are necessary. You can increase your rental income by upgrading your properties with additions to your buildings that include new paint, remodeled bathrooms, new fireplaces, custom mill work, wireless intercom systems and game rooms.

Even add bowling alleys and pools to special clients’ houses. This will increase your total worth and provide more money to build, buy or sell houses. You can also build other buildings including saloons, cinemas, post offices and fire stations. But it’s up to you to build, manage and maintain these buildings too. The game also features a Casual Mode where you answer to no one. You have to complete the first few levels of Career Mode to make Casual Mode available, but once you do you can set up your real-estate kingdom at your own pace.

It’s not all happy-go-lucky on your properties all the time. It’s up to you to maintain the houses when a repair is needed. A variety of problems may arise including plumbing, electrical, structural and pest problems.

These problems require workers and materials. Don’t neglect your properties or tenants. This is a great sim for anyone interested in real-estate or money or business management games. Play alone or play with a group and try out Build-A-Lot for its award winning features. Build-a-Lot is an interactive real estate development game that will have you building, drafting plans, and planning out neighborhoods.

You will buy and sell homes for a profit, while completing objectives and building quality neighborhoods. One of the best things about Build-a-Lot is the ease of play. The tutorial is clear, concise, and explains all the game’s intricacies. After playing the tutorial, which is cleverly incorporated into levels, you will be a seasoned veteran developing the best neighborhoods.

The gameplay in Build-a-Lot is divided into four main parts. You earn money through collecting rent and then you use that money in three ways. You draft plans, purchase lots, and buy materials.

Drafting blueprints is a one time expense and is necessary when building both homes and buildings. Blueprints are expensive, especially as the homes free build a lot game for pc buildings increase in size, however they are essential.

Purchasing lots, another facet of the game, is a great way to build revenue and increase your total number of homes. Lots tend to be about 25, dollars. They are relatively cheap and can generate you a lot of money if you Мне counter strike 1.6 free download pc game full version on them and then sell. Buying and selling quickly is a great money making strategy of the game. The final key element of the game is buying materials. Materials might seem expensive, however these are the only things needed when building a house.

For example, if you buy a tutor style home it will cost you 30, dollars in material only a fifth of its total value.

Buying materials in bulk and building a lot of homes might be expensive at first, but it will make you lots of money. A drawback of this game would be the rate at which you advance. Playing for less than 10 minutes you will most likely complete at least 2 levels maybe even 3.

Also, you won’t be able to build and develop основываясь на этих данных single neighborhood because of the level system that will constantly have you advancing and starting fresh. This can be especially frustrating, free build a lot game for pc example, if you have built a superior neighborhood in level 7. After you complete the level and advance to 8, your neighborhood and the houses are gone and you will be starting fresh with new objectives and materials.

Overall, despite the level associated drawbacks, this game is a fun real estate and neighborhood development game. This game will keep you entertained for countless hours regardless of your real estate expertise.

The smooth gameplay and great tutorial will get any gamer, regardless of skill level involved and entertained. Play and enjoy. DFG is constantly expanding, striving to bring its audience the most entertaining free build a lot game for pc downloads found on the Internet. Download Free Games is a small business owned and operated by iWin Inc. What’s Free – Play game for minutes. Support – Build-a-lot Http://replace.me/14326.txt. Pros Easy to follow tutorial makes for quick mastering of controls.

Your successes will periodically be rewarded through receiving random checks. Each level brings about new challenges that are clearly explained. Cons One difficulty setting.

Levels are small and can be easy to complete. Review by Dylan. This game has no player ratings yet. More Reviews. Gameplay Video See how houses are built, upgraded, and sold for profit. Screenshots Click Screenshot to enlarge. Social Media. Rate: Build-a-lot Tap to Rate. Thank you for your review! Your review will be published within 24 to 48 hours.

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