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A 6-position centrifugal braking system that ensures the fine adjustment of the brake — free spool rotation. The ball bearings are made with high precision. They ensure the smooth rotation of the reel mechanism and assemblies. Roller bearings withstand higher loads than ball bearings, they are installed in the most important and most loaded assemblies of the reel mechanism. They ensure the operability of the reel anti-reverse mechanism. The bearings are designed for increased loads.

They have an increased operational life. Bearing material is not subject to corrosion. The gear ratio is one of the main technical characteristics of the reels and indicates the number of rotations of the spool made per turn of the reel handle. The higher the gear ratio, the higher the speed of the winding, and, accordingly, the lower the gear ratio, the lower the winding speed. A special mechanism of the overrunning backstop clutch that prevents the minimum reverse rotation of the reel rotor.

This eliminates all impact loads on the mechanism while playing the fish. A fishing line laying mechanism with A special mechanism of laying the fishing line on the spool that guarantees a uniform, cross laying of the line while spooling. Main aluminium spool — Cold-forged The spool is made by cold forging blanks from a special aluminium alloy.

The spool skirting is made of polished steel. The spare spool is made of aluminium alloys with special holes in its body to make it lightweight. The increased conical roller prevents the fishing line from twisting and ensures a more reliable, and non-slip passing of the fishing line through the roller when winding the line. The lightweight bail of the fishing line laying mechanism. The bail has a hollow shape and is made of stainless steel.

The design of the fishing line laying mechanism ensures the uniform cross laying of the fishing line or cord on the spool of the multiplier reel. A modern and the most wear-resistant coating applied to the main material of the reel parts. It ensures maximum longevity for friction surfaces. A wear-resistant coating applied to the main material that ensures greater longevity for friction surfaces.

Front drag FD 7 ball bearings 1 roller bearing Instant anti-reverse Reel body and rotor made form high durability plastic Spool- shallow aluminium Thick bail arm, lightweight. Reel for demanding anglers made in strict design. The high precision of manufacture ensures perfect line lay. Special spool lip shape ensures longer casting distances and prevents from loop dropping. All parts of reel are manufactured with high accuracy.

Suitable for twitching technique. Front drag FD 7 ball bearings 1 roller bearing Instant anti-reverse Reel body and rotor made from high durability plastic Main spool — shallow aluminium Spare spool — graphite Thick bail arm, lightweight. Front drag FD 6 ball bearings 1 roller bearing Instant anti-reverse Reel body and rotor — high durability plastic Spool — shallow aluminum Lightweight, hollow bail arm Big line roller extended anti-twist. Reel is equipped with high quality stainless ball bearings.

Mechanic Drag Magnetic Drag Star drag 5 ball bearings 1 roller bearing Instant anti-reverse Reel body — high durability plastic Spool —aluminum Line roller with worm shaft. The fishing rod blank is made of carbon fibre. Carbon fibre is very durable; because of this, fishing rod walls are made very thin and the fishing rod has a minimal weight and high sensitivity. The fishing rod guides have silicon carbide SIC inserts.

These wear-resistant guides allow stranded cord to be used for. Arrangement of the fishing rod guides according to a new concept allows uniform load distribution on the upper blank part of the spinning rod to be achieved. Small diameter guides in the upper blank part used for this purpose do not disturb the dynamic features of the spinning rod.

In this case, the number of Guides is greater than in the case of arrangement by traditional approach. The convenient shape of the neoprene handle lets you perform continuous manipulations with the fishing rod while fishing, without any discomfort for your hands.

The reel is compositeened in the reel seat by the special locking nut, which has a lock that rotates along the line. Toray carbon fiber Toray carbon fiber Toray carbon fiber Toray carbon fiber Toray carbon fiber Toray carbon fiber Toray carbon fiber Toray carbon fiber Toray carbon fiber Toray carbon fiber Toray carbon fiber Toray carbon fiber.

Excellent combination of price and quality. Fast, functional, and sensitive rod. High braid density and increased durability allow the line to be used in all seasons. Supplied in individual package — m length. High abrasion resistance Round cross section Increased durability Maximum casting distance All-season usage Fluo orange color.

Due to the very low stretch the braided line is highly sensitive, and this makes it possible to maintain constant contact with the bait n f i of fi. Supplied in individual package — 75 m length. High sensitivity Round cross section Durable at the knots Maximum casting distance All-season usage Fluo green color. Produced in Japan. Fluorocarbon is invisible in water light refraction angle is the same as with water , does not absorb water and retains its durability for a long period.

Fluorocarbon is invisible in water, does not absorb water and retains its durability for a long period. This material i r i o fi n r n oo fro in in the net. Telescopic folding landing net with an original system that allows instantly push and pull the handle. The detachable screw-in head is made of rubberized polyester.

Folding landing net made of rubberized polyester. This material is less r i o fi n r n oo fro in in n. Powerful handle. It has a shoulder strap for carrying. Scissors are equipped with a ring opener. The attractant composition is a secret of Lucky John Company. The color-grade is also well matched, the range of lures includes all colors, popular among anglers, therefore, it is easy to choose the required one.

For example, the popular among perch-anglers green-brown color-grade is presented by few colors variants. The lure is impregnated with shrimp attractant. The bait is available in i n in. Sizes 2,5 and 3,5 inches are perfect for in r n i r i n r for i fi in. The lure is coated with shrimp attractant. There is special cut in the body of i for o oo in r ion. The bait is perfect for «drop-shot», as well as for jigging techniques. This is highly important w n fi in in r w r.

Individual and big box packaging available. To avoid unrealized bites, do not rush. When you see that i r r in w i for fi in in o i n and only then pull. Usually, when missed, the pike repeatedly attacks the bait. To avoid lost bites, it is recommended to insert an additional hook to the lure – the LJ Frog Trailer Hook art. Slug is divided by thin partitions into several sections.

Even with very careful jerks the tail of the lure starts actively moving and attracts the o i fi. The material of the lure has extremely low n i r for i i i r n w r. The lure is impregnated with mackerel attractant, which is also applied to r rf in i i for. The unique shape of the body provides movements in the water generating swings attracting a predator. This hybrid lure has a worm-like body with the typical thickening in the front part and small claw-tail of the shad. The lure is impregnated with a mackerel attractant.

TIOGA is available in i o or n i. The body of the lure has special o for o oo in r ion. The lure has explicit taste and scent of mackerel — its body is impregnated with an attractant and coated wi i ro i oi.

The lure has explicit taste and scent of mackerel — its body is impregnated with an attractant and coated with a special aromatic oil. This strong attractant and wi r n of o or i r ni r for n of fi in for o o r r or. JOHN perfectly works with classic jigging method and with any other technique.

The lure has explicit taste and scent of mackerel — its body is impregnated with an attractant. Perfect proportions of the body and the tail always ensure steady operation of the lure with various weights. The lure has strong, lasting mackerel scent and taste. It is available in 2 sizes —. The lure has a stretched, ribbed worm-like body and a small o wi r i.

Tail is the series of scented twisters specially designed for perch fi in. Tail is available in two sizes. Tail is impregnated with a shrimp attractant. The lure is impregnated with mackerel attractant.


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Brad Jones is a freelance writer, specializing in technology and mobile. You can contact him directly on Twitter, or visit his personal blog. It can be installed by placing the. Restart the server after installation. Salmo blaster feeder 90 3.30 free download Office Wizard will launch. Follow the instructions and complete the installation. At the moment, it looks slightly amateurish, and we would like to see more interesting settings and backgrounds, such as backdrops that give off an office-like atmosphere.

Video games are still mostly not designed with casual players in mind, while the strict and unrealistic demands of the casual gamer result in plenty of poor-quality games. Interested parties may contact the author, Luigi Setti, to arrange for permission to distribute academic, private, non-profit.

LOG file produced by the application. Nevertheless, the app is still a remarkable performance bargain for the price. So, if you are looking for a powerful application for your iPhone and iPad that can run your Earth navigation, needs to do so due to its вот ссылка interface and settings options, then you should take a look at Earth Browser for Android.

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