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Logic pro x best control surface free. 7 Best DAW Control Surfaces (That Don’t Suck)

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A couple of bad drops and this plastic can crack easily. Given its portable credentials, I would have preferred a tougher body. Recommended for: If you want the best control surface for Logic Pro X with a wireless connection at a relatively cheap price, this is for you. It’s extremely easy to use and has none of the frills and features that might confuse a beginner.

This unit from Zoom is designed specifically to work with Zoom’s F4 and F8 mixers. However, since it’s USB, it works equally well with other USB-capable mixers or when you plug it directly into the computer.

The entire unit is housed in a metal casing that makes it look really good. The tough body also ensures that it can stand the rigors of live gigs. The buttons and faders on this control surface look strong, firm, and of high quality. The interface and button overlay of the device makes it one of the easiest to use.

If you already use a Zoom mixer, that’s a massive win. The faders are tight and have the right amount of give. The LED display is bright and looks good even in sunlight. The quality of the rubber gel buttons is at par with Akai that is, not great, not bad. I would have preferred at least one motorized fader, however.

On the whole, if you’re recording live or outdoors, this is one of the best control surfaces for Logic Pro X you can find on the market. It has its limitations, especially given its limited compatibility, but the solid build quality and feature-rich performance make it a top choice.

Recommended for: If you are looking for a portable and highly durable control surface to take on the go with you to locations, this will suit your needs. If you already own a Zoom mixer, then you’ll find that this is easily one of the best control surfaces for Logic Pro X on the market right now. While most of the options on this list would be a good fit in any home studio, I feel that the X-Touch One offers the best mix of features, affordability and portability home studios need.

To start with, i t is similar to the X-Touch Mini in size, albeit a tad larger. One way to describe the design and appearance of the X-Touch One is comparing it to cutting off one end of the X-touch. It comes with the standard controls on the X-Touch; however, it has a single motorized fader, navigation functions, and transport functions.

The single motorized fader is good enough for home studios albeit limited in live settings. It’s also touch sensitive which gives you much better control over your fades and automations. Complementing it is a gigantic jog wheel that helps you move through tracks and settings on the fly. It’s not as smooth as the FaderPort but built well and does what it’s meant to do comfortably. The overall layout is very tidy.

All the buttons are neatly arranged and labeled. LED scribble strips tell you exactly what track and position you’re currently in. I would have liked a few encoders to balance out all the buttons, but you get a lot of mileage from this little unit.

I enjoyed using this device due to its portability, compact nature, and the great support for major DAWs, including Logic Pro. The performance is satisfactory, and while it is not as robust feature-wise like its big brother the X-Touch, it is great in its own little way. While the build quality is markedly improved, it still suffers from that trademark Behringer fragility.

It won’t fall apart easily, but you better make sure not to drop it from a height. Strictly for home studios — dragging it to live gigs is living on the edge.

The transport buttons are also a tad smaller for my tastes. They tend to merge in with the rest of the buttons on the unit — I would have preferred if they stood out more since you’ll be using them extensively. A small niggle is the lack of a power button.

Recommended for: If you love the X-Touch but want a smaller control surface without compromising too many features, then you should get this unit. It’s the best control surface for Logic Pro X if you working in a home studio given its price tag.

That wraps up our roundup of the best control surface for Logic Prox X you can buy right now. Pick the option that fits your requirements from the list above. For more recommendations and advice, don’t hesitate to reach out to me here. Last Updated on January 4, We use rigorous research, reviews, and real-world performance when recommending products. Our reviewers include producers, performers, and active musicians. You can read more about our review process here.

The gain is measured in dB. When we increase the volume by 1dB the amplitude of the wave doubles. This doubling nature of dB makes the faders more complicated in balancing low-volume instruments. And with a computer screen and mouse, you have to struggle hard to achieve your balance. Here control surfaces help us, where you can play with subtle changes in faders and get a better mixing than computer mouse and keyboard.

Obviously, a control surface can change the look of your studio. If you managed to get a big control surface you can be able to change the whole look of your studio. If you are going to automate your songs then a control surface is a must for you. With control surfaces, you can easily achieve the best automation in no time.

As compared to digital mixers with the same number of faders and controls, control surfaces are far cheaper. You can get control surfaces with a fraction of the cost of digital mixers. I know, you are wondering which is the best DAW controller for logic pro x? There are many control surfaces are available in the market that supports Logic Pro X. They are under your pocket length, full of features, and also have a great-looking user interface.

This tiny powerhouse will surprise you in every stage of your recording and mixing session. Presonus Fader Port is a perfect combination of low budget and powerful control surface. You can get it with just a fraction of money than other standard control surfaces. This 5. If you are searching for the best control surface for logic pro x then this will be my 1st recommendation.

Presonus Fader Port has dedicated transport control. However, many control surfaces have dedicated transport controls but imagine a control surface you can hold on your hands when operating. This is an added advantage of Presonus Fader Port and makes you more comfortable in a long recording session. Due to the doubling nature of dB , in the low ends, you struggle in balancing your faders on the computer screen. In the low ends like below dB, a very small movement of fader can change the sound dramatically.

Here a full-length mm physical fader helps you to optimize your mixing. With hardware faders, you can play with those small volume changes without struggling with your computer mouse. Presonus Fader Port has not only mm standard fader but the faders are motorized too. The motorized fader helps you to create some awesome automation in your tracks. Along with transport control at the bottom, Presounus Fader Port has a full range of dedicated transport and edit buttons.

Some customers said it did not work equally well with all DAWs, and while we expect that is the case, we know that it works well with Logic, even if not all controls and buttons are usable.

This is a heavy-duty, rugged control surface with eight touch-sensitive motorized channel faders, segment LED channels level metering on metering bridge, and one touch-sensitive motorized fader for the master channel.

Of course, you will pay a premium for what is essentially a large mouse. But if you like being able to control everything from the surface instead of having to use your mouse for all your tweaking, you will appreciate this unit. You also get a large backlit LCD display for each channel and illuminated buttons for each channel including rec-enable, solo, mute, select, and monitor.

This rugged and weighty console is easy to set up, and it even has a dedicated Logic Pro mode. It comes with eight touch-sensitive motorized faders with bit resolution, and eight dual-function encoder knobs rotate and enter.

If you have limited retail space on your desk, you will love its size. This is a plug and play unit and it works with any popular DAW. But you can also customize it to your workflow, which is a huge plus.

Most Logic users said they loved this control surface. It seems some reviewers had issues using it with other DAWs, but when it comes to Logic, this baby shines.

It comes with numerous assignment presets that support all major DAWs. It also comes with a fully automated and touch-sensitive mm motorized fader, dynamic LDC Scribble Strip, and 34 dedicated illuminated backlit buttons for direct access to key functions.

Compact as it is, this control surface is sleek. It can easily replace a touchpad or mouse and features all the controls you need to improve your DAW workflow. Many users found that the Behringer console improved their production efforts. This console comes with 16 multi-color buttons, 24 rotary pots with degree motion, 24 multi-color indicator LEDs, eight 60mm faders, 16 assignable multi-color backlit buttons and an additional eight assignable backlit buttons.

Though simple and low-cost, this unit gives you all the controls you need right at your fingertips. Most buyers thought this was a great mixing unit for the cost. It comes with Mackie control emulation, a long-wearing mm master fader, dual-layer mode for changing between DAW and instrument control, and pre-configured control elements for plug and play efficiency. An overwhelming number of users were happy with this console, and it should work great with Logic.

Other users experienced some issues with it, depending on the aplication, but for basic DAW operation, it should do the trick. In this article Julian shares the reasons he chose the Avid S1 as his product of As someone who values space more than gear, what is it about the S1 which convinced him to surrender some of his desk space to the S1.

But that was over 8 years ago. The world has moved on, will there be a replacement for the Avid S6? Is it time for Avid to open up Eucon? In this article, we have brought together an Expert Panel to share which control surfaces, if any, we use and the reasons behind our choices. We hear from people working in music production as well as others working on post-production.

Some of our expert panellists work at home, others in larger facilities. If you are looking at buying a control surface you should read this article. With more and more of us working from home, a lot of us need a control surface, but we rarely have space or the budget to have a large format control surface or console. However, to get the work done efficiently, we do need access to a control surface.

In this article, we look at the control surfaces suitable for your home studio. These are fairly small in size and suitable for placing on desks. Do you use a control surface in your workflow? If so, what control surfaces can you recommend to the Production Expert Community? Last week we reported that SSL have announced the UC1, However, in all the excitement it seems that most people missed a small detail in the launch info. Did you spot it?

Now that Avid Artist Mix control surfaces out in the field are all getting old and especially after they were made end-of-life by Avid when they released the Avid S1, users are finding that some of the faders are becoming unreliable. Although you can send your Artist Mix away to be repaired, if you are good with a soldering iron and you have the time, you can do it yourself and save a lot of money. We show you how…. We have the details and a first hand account from an early adopter. Already available as a compact hardware controller for the Waves eMotion mixer, with the addition of HUI and Mackie control this unit is now an option for DAW users looking for some hands on control.

He shows us how the controller integrates with Studio One and dives into how you can seamlessly use the MIDI and scale only modes. SSL have released their latest studio controller, following on from the Duality, Matrix and Nucleus controllers. We have the details….



Logic pro x best control surface free

Rodrigo Sanchez. That wraps up our roundup of the best control surface for Logic Prox X you can buy right now. Its metal enclosure is built like a tank and is highly durable.


5 Best Control Surfaces For Logic Pro X [Updated ].7 Best DAW Controllers/Control Surfaces for Home Recording


Control surface for Logic Pro X is one of the best ways to give more efficiency to your work. It can bring a considerable amount of productivity cintrol well. Using the best control surface for Logic Pro X can make a significant difference to the way you work. As you know, Logic Pro X surfade considered to be a comprehensive option with a wonderful set of features.

Also, it has a massive library of plugins as well. To make things easier for you, however, we have prepared this article. Mentioned below is the list of control surfaces you can use for your Logic Pro. Mentioned below are the best options if you are понял, adobe acrobat xi pro 64 free download вообщем-то for a control surface for Logic Pro X. We have picked these items from a surgace range of products. So, go ahead and choose the best control surface for Logic Pro X and experience better productivity.

Arguably, this could be the best control surface for Logic Pro X found in the market. This is a very popular option among individuals such as mixers and musicians specifically because of the simplified interface. The overall design of logic pro x best control surface free device is exceptionally convenient.

Also, it shows greater affordability compared to other expensive models in the market today. So, if you want the best control surface for Logic Pro X at an affordable price, check it out. In addition to that, it comes in pretty compact size as well for your convenience. You can fix it to a laptop or a desktop PC without necessarily disturbing its functionality.

However, it has some uncommon features. For instance, it has a feature called transport control. It gives you the option of playing and recording. Also, it allows you to fast forward and rewind the recorded options.

Conttol buttons are placed on the panel dedicated for transport. When it comes to the switches, they are placed in a way logic pro x best control surface free comtrol be accessed easily. You will have access to eight channels. Those knobs let you achieve a perfect balance in the tracks. On top of everything, this приведенная ссылка device is made to be compatible with all the main DAWs. This is an excellent mixing board with robust features.

As you may already know, devices that come under Behringer show excellent compatibility apart from solid functionality. The design of this device is awesome. Ppro has an excellent build quality and all the features required to record live shows. This is an excellent option that has a sturdy design. The overall feee of this device is exceptionally powerful.

You can see 40 inputs along with besg digital mixer. There are 16 mixed busses as well as the main LCR design. You can also see six matrix busses loguc come with programmable preamps for the mic. This is a very unusual option when it comes to controlling surfaces. You will also find different configuration options as well.

However, if you are a beginner, this model demands you to spend some time learning it. You can find this contgol to be smoothly compatible with Logic Pro. Also, it is compatible with other DAWs. Moreover, it is compatible with smartphones as well.

Besides, if you are looking for the best iPad holder for the mic standthis article you bewt check out. It also has 16 buttons that are illuminated. There are easily accessible knobs. With this specific device, you can control everything, including plugins and virtual synths. You can perform all those tasks with ease. On top of everything, you can use gain different mastercam 2018 running slow free that are coupled with 25 elements.

In addition to that, this device is capable of offering perfect control over instruments and lightrooms. All you need is to place the laptop solidly and connect the device to the USB port. Thankfully, the same USB port plays the role of a power logic pro x best control surface free. So, this is an excellent product product key microsoft office 2010 crack keygen free download superb functionality.

Vest 8 is offered to you by PreSonus. It is an exceptionally effective control surface for Logic Pro X. Basically; it is logic pro x best control surface free feature-rich device that can deliver excellent results. Regardless of the type and the size of the video, this controller shows excellent performance.

You can experience the best out of читать далее, no matter whether you are a novice or a pro. If you expect the best control surface for Logic Pro X bets saves your time, check this item out. You can find mm motorized and touch-sensitive faders there are 8 of those faders. Those faders will follow the respective automation in a perfect manner.

If you do logic pro x best control surface free a home studio that comprises plenty z equipment, this is one of the perfect devices. It gives an option to edit those regular plugin settings from the control surface.

That means you can expect a friendly user experience with it. It has a unique frer with a compact size. The modern design and the unique outer appearance make it a http://replace.me/10938.txt option for those who prefer flexibility. It is exceptionally affordable, and logic pro x best control surface free top of that, it fits perfectly into smaller spaces. You can experience the superior performance usrface this controller. The olgic is made to be compatible with DAW units.

Also, it gives you the option of operating devices easily at your fingertips with convenience. You can expect a superior mixing session with it. Nevertheless, it comes with a single motorized fader. This specific fader is ideal, particularly for those who intend to manage a home studio successfully. This device comes with a dedicated transport control. It also logic pro x best control surface free an extra support pad. The PreSonus FaderPort offers greater comfort.

That perfectly xx your hands, particularly if lpgic are a beginner. Logic pro x best control surface free a mm fader, you will be able to optimize your mixing. That can be utilized with complex multiple faders. Are you a beginner windows 2000 download iso image free a professional who handles a home studio?

No matter what your status is, this is an ideal product with excellent performance. One of the most noticeable things about this product is that it has a relatively larger set of sliders. Also, it controll a very impressive overall touch control. You can see plenty of positive reviews associated with logic pro x best control surface free product.

Many professional artists have rated this product to be one of the best in the market. Many individuals will find this device to be exceptionally handy. In addition to those features, you will see that it facilitates a large number of feee ports. They are provided with handy adjustments as well, and they can be used quickly. As a result, you can change the values to your favorite values and settings. It also has handy controls that llogic convenient to access.

Thanks to such uniqueness, we consider it a superb control surface for Logic Pro Fre. Nevertheless, there is one major drawback associated with this project.

It has a pretty clunky design on the control surface. The design is too thick. If you expect to work while sitting comfortably, this model will not be the best for you. In other logic pro x best control surface free, you will find it pretty difficult to use this device while seated on your chair.

Despite those relatively large dimensions, you can frew greater functionality with superior performance from this device. All in all, it is a very impressive device for every user. This is another option that is known as MCU. In fact, it is a superior control surface besy Logic Pro X.

You will find this option to be a very handy one.