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In order to be able to perform an offline installation of Office , you are going to need two things. The Office Deployment Tool and you are going to need an offline source for Office This post is going to cover how to build an offline source and perform an unattended installation of Office This will work for Configuration Manager customers as well as customers using a manual installation process.

I unpacked the setup. Within this folder, create sub-folders for each of the Office products you want to configure. In my case, I am doing all three: Office, Project and Visio and once you have created these folders, copy the setup.

I have created three files: one for Office, one for Project and another for Visio, all of which I have included below to save you some time. A full list of applications you can exclude is available at the TechNet reference page.

Another option which you may find useful is the Display Level. This can be set between Full and None. I have opted for None to make this a silent installation but you could opt for Full. Full will present the user with the UI for the installation but they will not be prompted to answer any questions.

This allows the user to track the progress of the installation if you are trying to perform a passive install rather than a silent one. Save each of the products configuration files in their relevant directory. It is worth noting that you are not obliged to name the configuration file configuration. This allows you to maintain multiple configurations for different sets of users who require access to different Office applications.

Here is an example of a file that will install the bit version of Office, update on the monthly channel, exclude Teams, OneDrive, and Skype applications, and include Visio. The x64 or x86 in the. These are just templates. For Skype for Business, use Lync. AutoActivate does what you would expect. Add additional Office products with these tags. Visio, for example is not included in the standard Office install. There are lots of other options, but these are all you need to make a silent installer.

Kick off installation with this command in the Windows CLI with your customized file:. If there are any bit Office products installed, the bit installer will fail silently with no error message. Same goes for the reverse, if there are any bit Office products installed the bit installer will fail. Running the GUI installer produces a descriptive error message, but the silent installer is, well, silent.

If the installer is failing, make sure there are no Office products of the wrong architecture installed. Accept the License Agreement, I guess.


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2. Type cmd in the search bar then right-click the Command Prompt to run as administrator. 3. Take my computer as an example, type cd C:\ODT where C:\ODT is the location of the replace.me file located then Enter. 4. Type replace.me /configure xml where xml is the name of my replace.me Then your Office silent installation starts. Mar 15,  · How to silently install the office patch package? .exe/.msp) Whether it is an office patch package replace.me format or an office patch package replace.me format, using command line [/quiet /norestart] can install the patch silently. However, if we install the patch when we using office, the office process will be forced to close and restart. In Windows 8, press the Windows key, type Run, and then press Enter. In Windows 7, click Start, point to All Programs, click Accessories, and then click Run. In the Run dialog box, type a quotation mark, enter the full path for the app’replace.me file, and then type another quotation mark.


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In the tiles area you can access online “lite” versions of Microsoft apps, This will install the full MS Office ProPlus (the PC version with If you’re deploying Microsoft Office to client systems, you’ll first need to build an MSP file using the Office Customization Toolkit (OCT). replace.me › tag › officesilent-installation.


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In the tiles area you can access online “lite” versions of Microsoft apps, This will install the full MS Office ProPlus (the PC version with Fired up a command prompt and navigated to the extracted Office directory. From here I ran “replace.me /admin” to launch the Office Customization. Open an elevated command prompt and change the working directory to the directory where your replace.me is located. From here, type the command.