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This appendix describes the benefits of using Oracle JInitiator as a plug-in for your users’ Web browsers. Rather, it provides an alternative JVM in the form of a plug-in. Likewise, Oracle JInitiator is providing a delivery mechanism for an Oracle certified JRE, which enables Forms Developer applications to be run from within a browser in a stable and supported manner.

In addition to providing a certified platform for the execution of Forms Developer applications, Oracle JInitiator provides a number of additional features over and above the standard JavaSoft Java Plug-in.

It ensures a consistent JVM between different browsers. It is a reliable deployment platform. JInitiator has been thoroughly tested and certified for use with Forms Server. It is a high-performance deployment environment.

Application class files are automatically cached by JInitiator, which provides fast application start-up. It is a self-installing, self-maintaining deployment environment. JInitiator automatically installs and updates itself like a plug-in or an Active-X component. Locally cached application class files are automatically updated from the application server.

The installation and updating of Oracle JInitiator is performed using the standard plug-in mechanism provided by the browser. Oracle JInitiator installation performs the required steps to run Forms Developer applications as trusted applets in the Oracle JInitiator environment. Oracle JInitiator supports the following configurations: Internet Explorer 4. This is what makes it possible for Oracle JInitiator to run inside the Web browser with minimal user intervention.

Users can then download the version of Oracle JInitiator for their operating system and install it. The next time Navigator encounters a Web page that specifies Oracle JInitiator, Navigator will seamlessly load and run the plug-in from the local disk, without user intervention.

Such components include Oracle JInitiator. The next time Internet Explorer encounters a Web page modified to support Oracle JInitiator, it will seamlessly load and run Oracle JInitiator from the local disk, without user intervention.

Install Oracle JInitiator on your server for server-based testing purposes only. Customize the Oracle JInitiator download file. Make Oracle JInitiator available for download. For examples of added markup, refer to Section B.

Note that this is not a required step. It is merely useful for local system testing. Follow the installation instructions. Modify the text as desired. Save your changes. You must copy jinit11 x. Modify the heap size for Oracle JInitiator. View Oracle JInitiator output. Click the Basic tab. For example, specifying Dcache. The default cache size for Oracle JInitiator is This is set for you when you install Oracle JInitiator.

In the Java Run Time Parameters field, specify the mx size. For example, specifying mx64m means setting maximum heap size to 64MB. This has been set for you when you install Oracle JInitiator. Check the Show Java Console check box to enable debug output. Adding these tags to your base HTML file will enable your applications to run within both Netscape and Microsoft browsers. The most frequently asked questions about Oracle JInitiator are discussed in detail in the following sections:.

Oracle JInitiator has been available since September for the deployment of custom Forms Developer applications. However, we are working very closely with a number of hardware vendors to provide support and certification for running Forms Developer applications on non-Microsoft Windows platforms.

Oracle JInitiator will be certified with the latest production releases of these browsers when each Oracle JInitiator release undergoes final QA testing. Oracle will also be providing support for earlier releases of the browsers.

The exact browser versions that have been certified will be contained in the accompanying documentation for an Oracle JInitiator release. JavaSoft’s implementation has not been certified with Forms Developer applications. While Oracle is diligent in notifying JavaSoft of its enhancements, it is not possible to wait until JavaSoft can provide a new version with the included enhancements.

Likewise, Oracle JInitiator is providing a delivery mechanism for an Oracle certified JRE, which enables Forms Developer applications to run within a browser in a stable and supported manner. Since Oracle is responsible for the production of Oracle JInitiator, we provide full product support for it.

Through the Oracle World Wide Support Organization, Oracle customers can obtain the relevant level of support required to support their applications. Forms Developer has responded to its customers who are moving to server-based deployment as a way to reduce computing costs, but also realize the need to protect their investment in existing applications that are essential to their business.

Providing our customers with the ability to run their existing applications completely unchanged on a Java platform places unique demands on Java, especially given that many of these applications are large and complex.

Using the JavaSoft Plug-In to deploy Forms Developer applications has not been certified and is therefore not a supported deployment configuration. Does Oracle intend to support native browser deployment? The primary problem with providing native browser support is the dependence on browser vendors and platform providers to support the same version and quality level of Java that is required by Forms Server.

This dependency has prevented Oracle from certifying native browser deployment as a deployment option in the timeframe that our customers require. Therefore, we are fully endorsing Oracle JInitiator as our Internet application deployment strategy. This ensures a stable and supported platform on which to deploy Forms Server applications. Oracle will support Forms Server Release 1.

What do I need to install on the client in order to run Forms Developer applications in the Web browser? By leveraging the standard browser extension mechanisms provided by both Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer, Oracle JInitiator is able to automatically download itself to the client machine when the browser first encounters an HTML page that requires it.

Oracle JInitiator is then installed using the method required for the addition of Plug-ins or ActiveX Objects by the browser currently in use. How large is Oracle JInitiator when it is downloaded to the client? The compressed Oracle JInitiator distribution is approximately 8MB and expands to approximately 10MB when completely installed on the client. Is it possible to perform a silent installation of Oracle JInitiator where the user does not have to enter any details? Oracle JInitiator supports a silent installation mode in which the user doesn’t need to actively step through the installation process provided by the InstallShield.

To perform the silent installation, the user must download the Oracle JInitiator distribution to their machine and then specify ” -s -sm” from the command line or from the Windows Run dialog when running the downloaded executable.

For example to perform a silent installation from the command line, the user would open a DOS shell and type:. To perform a silent installation using the Windows Run dialog, the user would click Start Run and then enter jinit -s -sm in the Run dialog window that appears:.

Is it possible to perform the Oracle JInitiator installation from a central server such that user interaction is not required? Using the facilities provided by the host operating systems, it is possible to install Oracle JInitiator on each client desktop without user intervention. With the Oracle JInitiator Control Panel, you can configure Oracle JInitiator to use either its own specific Proxy settings or the defaults supplied by the browser from which it is invoked. Select the Proxies tab and insert the appropriate settings.

How can I force my browser clients to download and install a new version of Oracle JInitiator? The HR. If a later release of Oracle JInitiator is obtained and placed on the server, the client browser can be forced to use the newer version by modifying the version specific lines in the HR. HTML file with the newer version release information. How do I install the Plug-in? Netscape uses the Windows registry to store information about installed Plug-ins.

As soon as the “Plug-in Not Loaded” dialog appears, Netscape writes the details for the Plug-in into the registry, irrespective of whether the Plug-in is actually installed or not. When a page is encountered that calls for the use of that specific Plug-in, it will appear to Netscape that the Plug-in is installed because the registry says it was.

This results in the “Plug-in Not Loaded” dialog box not being shown again. To overcome this, you can force Netscape to load a Plug-in by clicking the Plug-in missing icon. This will result in Netscape displaying the Plug-in download dialog.

Currently the Netscape browser has limit of characters that may be used to store the recognized MIME types for a particular Plug-in. Microsoft Internet Explorer does not have this restriction with their extensible browser Objects architecture. The accompanying documentation and release notes for an Oracle JInitiator release will provide an accurate description of what MIME types are supported for that specific release. Can the Forms Applet window be run within the same browser window from which it was launched?

Forms Server Release 6 i supports the running of the Forms applet both within the same browser window and in a new window. This is a configurable option and is set as a parameter in the base HTML file. What happens to the running Forms Developer application if the user navigates off of the current browser page? Oracle JInitiator contains an additional feature that allows a running Java application to be cached and retrieved when required during the current browser session.

This means that when a Forms application is run and the user navigates to a different page and then comes back to the Forms application page, the running Forms application will appear exactly as it was when the user left it.

It should be capable of running custom Java applications. They can coexist in the same browser installation because they use different MIME types to launch the plug-in. Will Oracle JInitiator coexist and operate correctly when used at the same time as the Javasoft Plug-in, in the same browser instance?

Due to the way that dynamically loadable libraries are loaded and the JVM dynamically loadable libraries are named, the Oracle JRE and the JavaSoft JRE can not be run simultaneously from within the same browser instance.



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It enables users to run Forms and Graphics applications directly within Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer on the Windows 95 and Windows NT platforms. Oracle Jinitiator , Free Download by Oracle. Download the latest version from Software Informer. Scanned by 72 antivirus programs on Jun 6,


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