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Studio and are looking to make the move to Visual Studio Professional. What Is the Book About? The book is not a language primer, language reference. Download free courses materials, tutorials training on visual studio in PDF Description: PDF tutorial It includes an introduction to the Microsoft.

Microsoft visual studio 2010 professional tutorial pdf free. Visual Basic Books

Since you can have multiple versions of. Both C and VB are first-class languages on the. Since then, Joe has worked with various mini-computers, workstations, and PCs. Using the same procedure as Checking, add another class, but name it Saving. The Startup object allows you to specify which class contains the Main method you want to use as the entry point to your application. Each language has its own syntax for the.


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Visual Basic Made Easy. A short summary of this paper. Download Download PDF. Translate PDF. All other trademarks belong to their respective owners. Liability The как сообщается здесь of this book is to provide basic guides for people interested in Visual Basic programming. Although every effort and care has been taken to make The information as accurate as possible, the author shall not be liable for any error, Harm or damage arising from using the instructions given in studko book.

No Part of this e-book may be reproduced in any form or by any means, without permission in writing from the author. Acknowledgement I would like to express my sincere gratitude to cisual many people who have made their contributions in one way or another to the successful publication of this book.

My special microsoft visual studio 2010 professional tutorial pdf free go to my children Xiang, Yi and Xun who have contributed their ideas and help in editing this book. I microsoft visual studio 2010 professional tutorial pdf free also like to appreciate the support provided by my beloved wife Kim Huang and my youngest daughter Yuan.

About the Author Dr. He fre been involved in Visual Basic programming for more than 20 years. It has consistently been one of the highest ranked Visual Basic websites. To provide more support for Visual Basic students, teachers, and hobbyists, Dr. Liew has written profsssional book to complement the free Visual Basic tutorial with much more content.

Else Then Statement Example Then…Else Statement Example Then…ElseIf Statement Example Next Loop Example NET The final version of the classic Visual Basic was Visual Basic 6. Visual Basic 6 is a user-friendly programming language designed for beginners. Продолжить developers still favor VB6 over its successor VB. InMicrosoft released Visual Basic.

NET VB. NET to replace Visual Basic 6. Thereafter, Microsoft declared VB6 a legacy programming language in However, Microsoft still yutorial some form of support for VB6. NET is a ivsual object-oriented professsional language implemented in the. NET Framework. It was created to cater for the development of the web as well as mobile applications.

Subsequently, Microsoft has released many versions of VB. Although the. NET portion was discarded inall versions of the Visual Basic programming language released since are visuak as the VB. VS allows you to code in different programming languages and different platforms, Visual Basic is one of them. Visual Basic is the latest version VB. NET programming language released by Microsoft.

The free version that provides full-featured IDE for students, open source community and individuals. As this book was written based profrssional the free version, proceed to download the free Visual Studio Community, select community and profrssional the installer file.

The downloaded installer microsoft visual studio 2010 professional tutorial pdf free will appear on your Lrofessional 10 taskbar. Click it to install Visual Studio Clicking the Visual Studio Installer will start downloading, unpacking and installing the files necessary for the installation of Visual Studioas shown in Figure 1. Since we are focusing on developing Visual Basic desktop tutorisl, we will adobe cc premiere pro tutorial free download the.

NET desktop development component. After making microsoft visual studio 2010 professional tutorial pdf free selections, click install. Figure 1. In the start page, you can select a recent project file or choose any option in the Get Started section. You can choose to clone a project from GitHub or Azure DevOps, open a project or microsoft visual studio 2010 professional tutorial pdf free, open a local folder, create a new project or continue without code.

You will now see the Create a new project template page, as shown in Figure 1. Net Framework template as we want to продолжить чтение a Windows desktop project, as shown in Figure 1. You can configure your project by typing the project name and select a few other options. Psf renaming the project, click OK to continue. It also consists of a toolbox which contains many больше на странице controls that allows the I programmer to больше информации his or her Visual Basic programs.

You can drag and move your toolbox tutoriao and dock it to the right, left, top or bottom of the IDE. Next, insert a button and change its text to OK. The design interface is shown in Figure 1. You proffessional also learned how to write your first program. To build a graphical user interface, first of all you need to customize the default form by changing its properties at design phase and at runtime, including its name, title, microsoft visual studio 2010 professional tutorial pdf free color and so forth.

After customizing the default micgosoft, you may proceed to add controls from the toolbox to the form and then customize tutoriwl properties. The name of the default form is Form1. The properties window displays all the properties related to Form1 and their corresponding attributes or values. You can change the name of the form, the title of the form using the text property, the background color, the foreground color, size and more.

Clicking on the drop-down arrow will bring out a color palette or a list of color rectangles where you can select a color.

Figure 2. The values of R, G and B ranges from 0 to microsoft visual studio 2010 professional tutorial pdf free, therefore, by varying the values of the RGB we can obtain different colors. For example, an RGB value of, yield the cyan color.

The по этому сообщению represent the red, green and blue components of the color. One byte represents a number ranging from 00 to FF in hexadecimal notationor 0 to in decimal notation. 2100, when you type the Hex color code in the properties window of VS, it automatically converts the color to RGB color or the color name. In the runtime interface, notice that the title has been changed from Form1 to My First Visual Microsoft visual studio 2010 professional tutorial pdf free App, background color changed to LavenderBlushthe text OK color is Crimson and the window cannot be maximized.

Ivory MyBtn. Notice that is is now different from that shown in Figure 2. The runtime interface is as shown in Figure 2. Next, we shall continue to build the UI приведу ссылку adding some controls to the form. The controls are objects that consist of three elements, namely properties, methods, tuutorial events.

They can be added to the form from the Toolbox. Among the controls, frwe most common ones are the button, label, textbox, listbox, combobox, picture box, checkbox, radio button and profesxional. These controls can be made visible or invisible at runtime. However, some controls will only run in the background and never microsoft visual studio 2010 professional tutorial pdf free seen at runtime, one such control is the timer.

The Toolbox is usually hidden when you start Visual Basic IDE, you need to click View on the menu bar and then select Toolbox to reveal the tool box, as shown in Figure 2. You can also dock the toolbox by right-clicking on the tool box and choose dock from the pop-up menu.

The docked Tree that appears side by side with the Solution Explorer, and as one of the tabbed windows together with the Form Design window and the code window, as shown in Figure 2. Further, you may also pin the tool box to the side bar or the professionxl bar by clicking on the pin icon on the menu bar of the toolbox. How and where you want to position your tool по этой ссылке is entirely up to you but blue pc free download strongly suggest that you place the tool box alongside or at the bottom of the default form so that it is easy for you to add controls from the привожу ссылку box into the form.

You should never cover the form with the toolbox because it will sudio difficult to add controls to the form. You can drag the control around the form and you can also resize it.

To demonstrate how to add the controls and then change their properties, we shall design a picture viewer. First, microsift the title of the default form to Picture Viewer in its properties window.